Windsor Road Dispatch: We All Have A Voice…


Thank God, We All Have A Voice… Now, Would You Please, Shut Up!

It would prove to be a very wacky summer here in the old U.S. of A.…if I could come to give a donky’s dingle about the current presidential race. But I believe what Mark Twain said about voting: “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” So I will once again let the chips fall where they may and not get involved, as once again, I come to regard all the brouhaha as the circus it is.

Less we think the current Clinton/Trump/Whomever thing is anything new, ever since Kennedy and Nixon and the infamous sweating lips vs. the east-coast golden boy T.V. debate, what’s been happening in America politics for many a year is less about anything of substance and more a popularity contest. But for what’s happening presently this popularity contest might be between debate questioners, cable T.V. pundits and the great unwasheds’ tweets, as much as, and maybe even more, so then it is between the Presidential hopefuls.

And therein lies the scarier proposition; while it might matter to some if their particular candidate doesn’t ‘get in,’ I wonder why we seem to care all that much, and sometimes to exclusion of seemingly expert opinion or even opinion from the source itself, about what others have to tweet, post, say?

Yes, every citizen should have a voice and feel free to express that voice. No one person’s opinion is any more or less important than anyone else’s, but must I have to hear every single one and hear/see it scuttling across television programs I am barely paying attention to? No one has yet convinced me Facebook “liking” leads to anything but ego stroking. That Instagram posting isn’t much more than just an enormous time suck. That all this media social-ability is making us better socially. It seems that if anything, being able to spew forth from anonymity makes it less likely one will ever get out and about and meet others, let alone prompt one to learn about, or want to tolerate, any one else sputum.

I am not, nor will I ever be part of the cult of Facebook. I don’t take selfies. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter is not for me. And I truly believe that in all this communicating the cream is no longer rising to the top really, there is just too much cream. Beyond the opinions of my loved one’s (and barely even in their case) do I give a donkey’s for any one’s opinion really or seek any out…I barely even consider my own opinion relevant most of the time.

Come to think of it, blogging seems to be….

Part of the solution or part of the pgem, now I;m not too sure.

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