Author: Donna Stefano

Donna Stefano’s career spans 20 years in the Middle East, Africa and Asia working in the fields of international development, humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding. In 2016 she was selected as a nonfiction writer in residence with the Carey Institute for Global Good. She has written a memoir about her time working in Yemen (seeking publication). She has published several online pieces covering family and parenting issues in the Huffington Post, PBS Parenting, MSNBC and RoleReboot. She has written about how to teach children about the realities of conflict, how to maneuver between societal expectations of gender roles and her reality of single parenting and balancing work and parenting values. Her writing imparts a compassionate, insightful and reflective narrative to issues impacting the global political scene as described through the people she meets and the events she witnesses during her work. Ms. Stefano holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She has worked in in Yemen, Jordan, West Bank and Gaza, Israel, Pakistan, Guinea and Botswana. She currently lives with her teenage son in Rochester, NY.