Author: Wayne Simmons

Belfast born, Wayne Simmons has loitered with intent around the genre scene for some years. He penned reviews and interviews for several online zines before publication of his debut novel in 2008. Wayne’s work has since been published in the UK, Austria, Germany, Spain, Turkey and North America. His bestselling zombie novel, FLU, was serialised by Sirius XM’s Book Radio. He continues to write reviews and features for various magazines as well as his own website and The Lair of Filth blog. He’s the co-host of extreme metal show, Doom N’ Gloom, and has his own podcast, HACK. He co-produces the Scardiff Horror Expo. Wayne’s forthcoming novel, PLASTIC JESUS (Salt Publishing) is a sci-fi thriller that’s been compared to Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER and Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION. Visit Wayne online at