Litro #166: After Dark

Cover Art: by Joshua B. Huitz


Letter from the Editor Eric Akoto

Black Moons by Robin Dunn

I understand by Chinweokwu Ukwueze

Todo Es De Color – Children Of Catalunya by Viviane Vives

Wild Thing, Or The Law Of Superposition by Susanna Crossman

Fallen Maidens by Regi Claire

Night Sharks 2 by Lucie Britsch

Triadic by Allyson Fairchild

Welcome! to The After Dark issue Litro#166.

 Litro Magazine’s November 2017 issue is filled with stories about what goes on after darkness has fallen, when we think no one’s watching, or after-hours, when everything’s shut. Secrets and shady stuff, illicit activity, or things more magical: the store mannequins come to life, elves appear to do the poor shoemaker’s work (but not the poor writer’s, alas) .. or scarier stuff, too: the vampires and ghouls and zombies and werewolves come out to play, and to eat us all up. Support Litro, and get one of our All-Access membership for subscription to our print magazine and unlimited online access and help us to help writers.

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