Miracle by Nora Nadjarian

I look at the horizon for a trillion, trillion years.

It will happen, perhaps, and I will be a witness. The earth will miraculously cure itself. Water will turn into ice. Mesmerised, I will watch the white sculptures, remember the Arctic and its magnificence, and shiver on the shore. The sun will play tricks on my mind, engraving on the pure white ice the shadow of a long stalk. A single red tulip.

Congratulations, this flower is for you: the only human still alive, the only one who still believes in miracles.

Nora Nadjarian is a poet and short story writer from Cyprus. She has published three collections of poetry and a collection of short stories,
Ledra Street. Her fiction has recently appeared in elimae, fourpaperletters,
Staccato Fiction, Metazen, PicFic, Up the Staircase, Curly Red Stories,
LITnIMAGE and elsewhere. Blog: www.bettyboopinspired.blogspot.com.

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