Competing currencies by Ben Kendall-Carpenter

Where I live we have two forms of currency – a system that might exist throughout the world. One form is morally indefensible – the other is not. The first, though by no means dominant, currency is that of money, which we use to pay for goods and services. If we desire something and can afford it, we use this first currency. However, for the all-too-frequent occasions when we do not have this form of currency we use the second currency – it’s convenient and readily available, though, sadly, banks don’t accept this second currency. This second currency is called bitterness.

Ben Kendall-Carpenter is 25 years old and was born and lives in Manchester. He studied Politics at MMU. Competing Currencies is his second story to see print. He is currently working on a short story collection called The Nightmare Company about the horrors of office life.

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