Litro #116: Humour

Cover illustration by Henry Mayo Bateman (1887-1970), a British cartoonist.

Table of Contents

June 2012

Editor’s Letter
Alex Goodwin & Mohsen Shah

Joanna Kavenna – an extract from Come to the Edge
Tom Toro – “Radio Cairo
M.V Montgomery – “At The Conference
Jess Sully – “After the Farming Museum
Aaron Stypes – “The Steve Show
Nichol Wilmor – “Moose-head and Shrew

Stephen Pile – extracts fromThe Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures:
The Worst Ever Broadway Play”
The Least Successful Hospital Visit


Cartoons by Tom Toro
“I had a crazy dream about trapezoids”
“Those who don’t study History…”

Cartoons by H. M. Bateman
“The Evil Eye – Chaperones”
“My Dear!”
“Banned Books”

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