Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald is a professor at the University of Limerick with a background in psychology, teaching and learning. Sarah has five published novels out in the world. My work has been translated into over 17 languages and adapted for the stage in Edinburgh and London. I’ve been shortlisted for many prizes including the Waterstones Prize, The Red Book Award, The Calderdale Children’s book of the Year, Children’s Books Ireland, and the Irish Book Awards. Sarah teaches creative writing on the UL MA in Creative Writing and is the founder of UL’s Creative Writing Winter School. She has carried out and published research on the creative process, and shares these findings in practical ways to help writers to develop their practice. She is an award winning teacher and is experienced in the design and provision of online programmes as well as face to face – always ensuring an engaging and connected experience for all students.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald Courses

CLOSED Nourishing your creative writing from home course

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Weekend - November 28th - 29th

Kick-starting, improving and enhancing your creative writing. In this weekend online course, you will explore and develop approaches to achieving creative fluency, adopting a regular writing practice, and learning creative focus.