Two Poems by David Hermann

Bacteria Street Circus

scan the detail for spectators
blind maestro

hear the hoopla
when they zoom

up and down
into and through

desk city
microbe avenue

ashen spheres
and pill shaped acids



among your pens
and paper thrives


fissioning aficionados
take their microscopic seats

in microscopic opera houses
built in microscopic streets

raise your hand and with a whisper
spin your silly fairy tales

it is with ease that you will please
the crowd beneath your fingernails


Pseudomorph: Some octopi and squid, when threatened, eject ink in a blob about the same size and shape as their bodies, leaving a phantom copy of themselves (a pseudomorph) hanging in the water, as the original makes its escape.



David Hermann is a poet, musician, and PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at UCL. You can read some of his creative and academic work at

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