Five fears that are stopping you from living your dream


2015 Time to go get that startup off the ground or write that great Novel!
Five fears that are stopping you from living your dream:


Are you always talking about that great book you’ve been meaning to write: “I wish I had the guts to quit my job and write that book!” You’re probably one of those people employed by someone else and are stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, dreaming of the day you can start that great business idea or write that book.

So what’s stopping you? Well there are plenty of reasons: you might be afraid of the unknown; you might lack confidence and think you’re not good enough.

If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like and want to find the time to write that great book, start that great start-up idea that’s going to change the world, what’s keeping you from living the dream? Are you making excuses? Are you too afraid to break out and go it alone? Well, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start making a name for yourself. Here are our top five fears of going it alone and living that dream and why you shouldn’t be afraid to do it for yourself.

Fear #1: I’m better off in a secure job, that pays the bills
First and foremost, job security is a myth. In this current climate no job is secure. Once you realise that nothing is permanent, you’ll start to understand why being employed isn’t necessarily as safe as you think.
Of course, the journey to your dream is always going to be tough because you have to work harder to ensure there’s money in the bank to pay the bills. But isn’t that the case when you’re in a full time job? ie. you have to work hard to keep that job? Think about it. No job is safe.

Fear #2: I don’t know how to set myself up as self employed and fear filling my tax forms
This is a fear shared by everyone but is easily used as an excuse, and ranks as the biggest excuse that people always use.
It’s so easy to set up your own business, register as self-employed; you just need to know the basics. You simply pick a name and ensure no one else is using it, if you’re a writer why not your own name. You inform the Inland Revenue that you’re a sole trader and you set up a business bank account. OK, so there’s a little more to it than that but it gets you started and really isn’t complicated now that you’re set up – in between writing that great book, getting that start-up of the ground, you can consult, do some freelance work and set your own hours around that dream!

Fear #3: It’s too difficult and risky to get started
Many people start a startup, or that great novel, by having a full or part-time job and carrying out their work on the side. Unless you have a partner who can cover the bills for the both of you, this is the only way you can build up your freelance client base without taking too much risk.

You’ll want the slow transition from having a job to becoming a solid startup. This means you’ll often have to work evenings and weekends, sacrificing your spare time to build up your dream. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to go it alone. Be prepared to put in the hours and say no to that after work drink and you’ll soon be on your way to leaving your job and be a full-time writer or work on that startup full time.

Fear #4: I’m worried about the current economic climate
It’s understandable that many people feel safer in their jobs during this difficult economic climate, and if you’re a writer there are fears about the sales of books. Especially when you’ve that mortgage to pay and families to look after. But going it alone has never been a better option with the internet allowing for ease of connection, there are truly many tools at your disposal.

In fact, startups tend to benefit when everyone’s counting the pennies. That’s because they offer value and are more flexible than a larger company, making them an attractive option for people looking to hire. Litro has been through two recessions since it was set up – close to ten years now – and we’ve survived and built up a successful business. You can too. It just takes guts and lots of hard work.

There are many organisations providing grants and financial advice you can visit the Arts Council’ Website and companies such as Contractor Financials both have great advice and support for freelancers and sole traders.

Fear #5: I don’t think I’m good enough
If you’re busy, you’re good! That’s a fact. Some people go it alone and fail because their skills and experience aren’t good enough. You need to think long and hard before you go it alone – do your skills offer value? Are you suitably qualified? If you don’t think you’ve got enough skills or experience under your belt, stick at your job for a little while longer and get the experience, if you’re a writer – read, read and read some more.
Write at least an hour ever yday – set up some me time away from the family, and once you’ve got the confidence, go for it!

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