Announcement: Winner of the Litro & IGGY Young Persons Short Story Award

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The Litro & IGGY Young Persons Short Story Award was a collaboration between Litro Magazine and IGGY (International Gateway for Gifted Youth) at Warwick University. Our aim was to encourage creative young people to showcase their writing talents and for them to gain recognition and praise for their efforts. After having received a huge volume of entries, our panel of judges whittled it down to a final shortlist. This has become a final four – yes, the entries were so good that we have three runners up, not two!

Our Winners

The winner of the 2010 Litro & IGGY Young Persons Short Story Award is:

Callum Cleary, aged 12, with ‘Points of View’

Our runners up and their stories are:

Ayesha Drury, ‘Becoming’

Audrey Saltarelli, ‘Holding Joy’

Emma Pierce, ‘A Secret Day to Remember’

The winner wins £2,500 in prize money and will see their work posted at a London Tube Station – Angel (keep your eyes out for the poster featured above!). It will also appear in print in Litro Magazine. You will also be able to read the stories by the runners up here at We would like to thank Warwick University and the IGGY Foundation for the beginning of what is going to prove to be a great opportunity for young budding writers for the beginning of what is going to prove to be a great opportunity for young budding writers. If all learning institutions and schools online held the same awards, young writers would benefit so much. A big thank you also to this years judges (Sadie Jones, Peter Blegvad, Laura Dockrill and Kate Williams) and

The Shortlist

A special mention also goes to the young writers who made the judges’ shortlist. They are as follows (alphabetically by first name):

Abbie Taylor, ‘Free at Last’

Ahia Fego, ‘Carbon Copy’

Amber McCall, ‘Putita Sucia’

Anna Davies, ‘The Wedding’

Emma Wood, ‘A Simple Push’

Frank Palmer, ‘Fleet Street’

Jamie Williams, ‘Looking at Pie’

Kate Baguley, ‘Jolly Japes at St. Jonquils’

Marie Antonini, ‘The Road She Took’

Robert Harding, ‘Endless’

Sam Maybee, ‘The Greatest Train Mystery’


    • webmaster says:

      The main prize for the runners up is that they are published online, so to also publish the shortlisted stories as well would somewhat negate from what the runners up prize and what they have achieved, I’m afraid.

  1. webmaster says:


    Predominantly it is important for the young writers who were shortlisted.

    a) For a writer it is still always a boost to their personal development, especially if they are young.
    b) We have had many requests asking for the shortlist to be published and we would like to honour this.
    c)They can still reference that they were shortlisted (and link to the website or include our emails for confirmation) on a writing CV that might be included on blogs, websites, university applications (if applying for a creative writing course or similar), or even sent to a publisher if they continue to submit pieces to magazines and the like.


    Please see my initial reply to Ella. When the prize for the three runners up is to be published online, it takes away from their achievement if the same status is given to the rest of the shortlist. We were all very impressed by the standard of the shortlist and have listed them here because we (and the entrants) strongly feel that they deserve recognition, but it’s not the same as being in the final four. They can also reference that they were shortlisted whenever they wish and provide the story if asked – they are still being publicly recognised.

  2. marc says:

    My daughter was a runner up in your contest. Where is her story going to be published and when? Does she receive a certificate or something?

    Thanks for giving her the opportunity to compete

    • webmaster says:

      If she was one of the three runner ups, the prize is that her story will be published here on We do not have definite date for this, but it has been discussed within editorial and hopefully it should be soon. It would be worth checking here again and also on our Facebook page if you or a member of your family are on there (search for Litro Magazine), where we announce that it was posted.

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