How To Earn A Living While Traveling Abroad: 5 Ways


It always feels good when you see the celebs and business magnates roaming the world in their luxury yachts and private airplanes, enjoying exotic beverages and foods and having a gala time. But it also sends a pang down your heart at the same time! You would love to indulge in such luxurious traveling and exploring the world if you had the fortune. However, not having oodles of cash in your bank accounts should not be a deterrent if you want to travel to various foreign locations. It is possible to make a living and earn decent amounts as you travel in various countries.

There are ways to cut down cost when you travel. However, apart from looking for cheaper flights and deals on hotel bookings, you can try finding ways to earn in newer ways. Below listed are the ways in which you can earn while you travel to new countries:

1. Teaching English
If you are wondering how to do everything when you travel aboard and do not empty pockets, this can be a good choice. In many Asian countries you can teach English when you travel. Of course, things are better for native English speakers, but even if you are not one- do not worry. If you have an online certification in English proficiency- especially spoken- that helps a lot. In some countries, you can also learn good amounts by teaching languages like French.

This may be your thing if you love nature and have already embraced the green way of living. The WWOOF or World Wide Organization of Organic Farms lets people travel to various countries in the world if they work on organic farms. It is pretty simple. You have to work daily for 4 hours or so and get housing and hood with a local host. The rest of the day, you can explore the area freely. All you need to pay is the cost of flying to and from the country.

3. Working on cruise liners
If you have always fancied traveling in those luxurious cruise liners and envied the wealthy lot who enjoy that, do not worry. You can opt for part time and time-limited jobs on those cruise liners. It gets your stay and food covered too.

4. Working at a resort
If you have fancied exploring and staying on a tropical island or somewhere in the Caribbean’s, this can be an option. You can opt for short term jobs at resorts in several seaside towns that are always thronged by tourists. You may work as a back office operator or a front desk attendant.

5. Blogger/freelancer
This may not seem financially viable to all. But there are numerous examples of people with prolific writing and PR skills who have hit the bull’s eye as freelancer traveling in various nations. A laptop, internet connection and some spare time is what you mostly need. However, contracts with leading online and regular print publication agencies can make such plans click.

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