The Litro Futures Development Programme

What support do you need as a writer? What helps writers create ideas? Do you know where to go for funding support? Are you a writer from a low-income background? What help do you need to keep you motivated to keep writing? What are the main barriers that you face as a writer? Is your mental health affecting your writing skills? Is there a writer you feel having as a mentor will change your life? Litro is collaborating with Spread the Word, London South Bank University and several other writing organisations & publishers to research these and other questions to form a bold and exciting new literary development programme for talented writers from low-income backgrounds and writers from BAME communities in a project entitled ‘The Litro Futures Development Programme’.

To better inform the direction of the project to be launched in the Spring & Summer of 2019, we would like you to take part in this brief survey, please answer as honestly as possible.

To date there has been a lot of research into the processes, a lot of promising internships, entry level programmes rolled out by publishers and others but we feel, the simple question “What do you need?” has not been asked of the people these projects are aimed at. This survey which will form the core base of the ‘The Litro Futures Development Programme’ will not only ask you that very question, but will also proceed to provide you with the tools you need to break into the publishing industry by putting your answers into practice. We believe the findings from this research will be of significant interest to not only you as a writer but to the publishing industry as a whole, to us as a literary platform and agency and to the wider creative economy. The findings will be available to us and it is planned that they will be shared via the press, academic journals. We also plan to then present our findings at as many industry conferences as we can achieve over the course of 2019.

So if you are a writer, have an interest in the publishing industry, you can take part in this short six minute survey. The Programme and its Masterclasses will be rolled out in the spring of 2019.

If you have questions about the research or the process please contact Litro –
Thank you very much for your assistance with this – and we hope that you will be interested in the findings, and keep an eye out for the launch of the programme in 2019.