When a Mac user tries Windows

Pretty much everyone using a computer knows that there are two main operating system that have been battling for supremacy for decades. On one hand you have Apple’s Mac technology and on the other you have Windows from Microsoft. Whichever you choose, you are looking at some fine features that will swerve you well, provided they are what you actually need. Despite their differences, Mac and Windows computers are very similar. However there are some key and very obvious differences between them nonetheless. Let’s see what the most striking differences are between using a Mac and using a Windows computer.
The things that make Mac and Windows different platforms. There are others as well but these are among the most important ones. The good news is that now, people don’t really have to choose between platforms as they can easily have both. They can even have them both on the same computer, with the help of parallels offers.


When it comes to software, Windows usually benefits from a wider selection of programs and applications. That’s not to say that there are no apps on Mac, but most developers favor Windows for its higher spread selection of machines.


When it comes to hardware, there isn’t really much to discuss on Macs. With Mac computers, tou have your variation of devices are provided by Apple. You choose the device variant which best suits your needs and you pay a fixed price.
With Windows however, you have unrivaled freedom and are able to customize your internal setup just the way you like it. You can literally stuff any kind of component into a case and build your own computer that will have its strong points where you want them to be.


This was kind of covered in the software section but since gaming is a very big deal, it’s important to note that if you’re looking for a computer to play games on, you shouldn’t be anywhere near a Mac. Most people make the false assumption that no games run on Mac. That’s quite false as there is a pretty solid collection of triple A games that actually work on Mac such as Diablo 3 or even The Watcher 2. However, this list is infinitely smaller than the one of PC games available on Windows, which is all of them…ever.


Again, the wider selection of software will put Windows in an advantageous position here. However there’s one very important aspect to keep in mind. Macs have a closed network which means that it’s a far more secure platform to begin with. So while it might not have all the options a Windows PC would have, it remains natively safer through its fortress-like designed platform infrastructure.

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