Tips for travelling with pets


Taking your pet on holiday with you has become increasingly popular in recent years particularly as more people are opting to take breaks in the UK rather than heading abroad. Although it’s worth remembering that even when you are travelling some distance, it is still possible to take your cat or dog, as long as you look into all the essential details first. Here are a few things to think about when planning your trip.


Whether your are driving, going by bus, train, boat or a long-haul flight, make sure your pet has enough room. While this is normally not a problem, it can become tricky when an animal is travelling in a carrier. For this reason, choose one that is at least shoulder height so they can turn around comfortably and settle down as they please.


Familiar bedding will be comforting, however, if your destination already includes pet bedding and you don’t want to duplicate what is being supplied at least bring along a much-loved blanket or toy. This will provide continuity between your journey, your holiday destination and your pet’s home via well-known textures and smells.

Water and food

Just like people, animals get thirsty quite quickly so always make sure you have a good water supply to hand. When possible, try to take frequent breaks so your pet can exercise and explore. Food is best given about four hours before travelling as some pets suffer from motion sickness. Small high-protein snacks for your cat or dog are a good idea when enjoying a short break in your journey.


When it comes to healthcare the first rule has to be – don’t travel when an animal is sick. This goes beyond checking that your cat or dog is ‘in good shape generally.’ Veterinary practitioners will be able to give you relevant information on important vaccinations (especially if you are travelling abroad) and you should take as much care about your pet’s health as you do about your own. While preventative injections are increasingly essential for humans, so are supplements and steps for tick prevention for dogs. Don’t forget to pack the flea tablets as you never know when you may need to clear fleas from your pet.


Let’s not forget the reason for your holiday with your pet in the first place. You’re going away to enjoy a change of scene and have fun! People often aim to ‘wind down’ on a holiday, so why not encourage your pet to do the same? Go for long walks together and explore new environments. If you’re close to a river or the sea encourage your dog to splash about a bit; if you’re hiking or cycling make sure your pet is included and enjoys walking or running alongside you.

In the end, travelling with pets can be fun and rewarding. As long as the essential elements are looked after, everybody can have a great time.

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