Great Thinkers: AC Grayling vs Rowan Williams (Southbank Centre, 11th May)

Great Thinkers: AC Grayling vs Rowan Williams

The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre

11th May, 6pm

Professional boffin AC Grayling takes on religious honcho, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

AC Grayling used to write articles in broadsheet papers. Now he can be seen mopping his lips in north London restaurants. The two are not mutually exclusive … Here he touts his new book ‘The Good Book’, ostensibly a secular bible. The Archbishop plans to debunk this.

This may be planned as a good-natured event. The idea to explore connections and congruences: A meeting of worlds on shared themes. How the secular as well as the religious can inspire, encourage and often console. The night will be a probing of the differences in two world views, so often polarised but infinitely more complex. The discussion will end with a question session.

Tickets are priced at £15 (£12 concessions).

To find out more about the event and to book tickets, visit the Southbank Centre here at:

David Fowkes

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