The Night Ridge

I love you. These simple words knock against the inside of his head the same way police knock. Hard. Loveless. I love you. He sits in a backward chair by the window and watches the wide cold river run, trying like hell to remember what it means. The winter sun’s fallen low across the water over Jersey, and soon the sad pastels will bloom behind her skyline. Dusk on these cities, colors of evening, I love you, misplaced colors come to seal, like a fierce rosy paste in the sky, one more day’s end in the life of this thin misplaced soul we’ve found, this stranger at the window.

Simone Felice is a celebrated songwriter and poet. He is a founding member of internationally acclaimed acts The Felice Brothers and The Duke & The King. Italy has recently presented him with the 2010 Premio Ciampi award for Best Foreign Songwriter. Simone lives in the Catskill mountains, New York, USA. Black Jesus is his first novel. For more information, please visit