A Trip to America

‘Excuse me. Does this train go to Ames?’ Taeko Endo asked a woman reading a newspaper in one of the seats near the door. ‘Yes, it does,’ the woman answered, smiling. Taeko thanked her and took the seat across the aisle. She put down her bag of presents and the flowers she’d bought inside the station and relaxed. She was on her way to visit Edward Hunt. He’d been her English teacher at the junior college in Tokyo and she’d been secretly in love with him ever since. Two years earlier, the year she’d graduated, he’d returned to Massachusetts; now she was there to get her bachelor’s degree and to see if she could make him fall in love with her.

Tony Concannon grew up in Massachusetts. After graduating from college with a B.A. in English and American Literature, he taught in Japan for the next 18 years. Since returning to the United States, he has been working in human services. Stories of his have appeared in Thought Magazine, The Taproot Literary Review and Down in the Dirt.