Love Journalism, Love Film? Enter the Film Reporter Competition for Women.


In response to the well-known fact that women remain under-represented generally across the film industry, a competition designed to encourage more women in film journalism has been announced by Sight & Sound magazine and the Underwire Festival.

The Underwire Festival is the London-based short film festival that celebrates and supports all aspects of women’s filmmaking, from screenwriting, filming, editing and everything in between. It is a forum for discussion, a meeting place for women interested in working in the film industry and a chance to see terrific films made by women. The Film Reporter Competition is a welcome collaboration with Sight & Sound—the international film magazine published by the BFI who has run film writing competitions for women in previous years—to further support the exposure of women in the film industry.

Women of any age with a passion for film who have the talent for investigative reporting and an urge to share stories from the film industry that are otherwise being overlooked are invited to submit a piece of factual film reporting of up to 1,000 words. This could incorporate an interview with a filmmaker, distributor, exhibitor or programmer, a report from a film shoot, festival or special screening, or an investigation into some aspect of filmmaking that interests or even puzzles you.

The choice of story—its originality and relevance—will be judged, but so will be the use of clear, concise and engaging prose. Both Sight & Sound and Underwire will publish the winning entry and provide the winner with further writing assignments in 2013.

The deadline for entries is 5 April 2013. All completed pieces, along with any questions and solicitations of advice, should be emailed to More information here.

In the meantime, if you’d like to practice writing about film, write for us. Contact Film Editor Becky Ayre with your ideas.

Emily Cleaver

Emily Cleaver

Emily Cleaver is Litro's Online Editor. She is passionate about short stories and writes, reads and reviews them. Her own stories have been published in the London Lies anthology from Arachne Press, Paraxis, .Cent, The Mechanics’ Institute Review, One Eye Grey, and Smoke magazines, performed to audiences at Liars League, Stand Up Tragedy, WritLOUD, Tales of the Decongested and Spark London and broadcasted on Resonance FM and Pagan Radio. As a former manager of one of London’s oldest second-hand bookshops, she also blogs about old and obscure books. You can read her tiny true dramas about working in a secondhand bookshop at and see more of her writing at

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