Harare Revisited

Harare was always a plum to me, a gorgeous memory; blue-black, full and ripe, luxurious and sweet to the tongue. I recall a veranda fringed city, snug with waiters, sunk into earth that feels hot and old. A place punctured with plentiful, crystalline pools. Impressive, near utopian. Of all the things that my unconscious cast away, its grip on Harare, that boyhood visit, never slackened.

Raoul Colvile is a 26-year-old writer, poet and musician living in East London. His poems and short stories have been featured in A Tale of Three Cities, Her Royal Majesty, Alight Here and The Fun and Beautiful Journal. His short story “Flesh” is to be published by 3am Press in the New Year. His EPs have been released in collaboration with fashion designer Makin Jan Ma. He is currently writing his first novel.