Into the Woods

There is a wolf-face in the trees. I can see it when I look up and the branches tangle and sway together in the shape of narrowed eyes, bared teeth. Look, I say, but Vida just keeps walking. Maybe she’s heard me, maybe not. She’s usually not one to pass up a chance at something interesting, but then again, she doesn’t like interruptions either. Maybe all interesting things have to be interruptions in order to be really interesting.

Amelia Boldaji received her MFA from Hollins University, where she was a teaching fellow and Editorial Assistant of The Hollins Critic. Most recently she has been awarded grants from the Elizabeth George and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundations to support work on her debut novel, and she is currently a doctoral candidate in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Utah, where she is also the Assistant Editor of Quarterly West. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in CALYX, Compass Rose, and elimae.