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“AN EXTRAORDINARY KILLER HAS ARRIVED IN LONDON, HELL-BENT ON DESTRUCTION. Joel Sorrell, a bruised, bad-mouthed PI, is a sucker for missing person cases. So when the mysterious Kara Geenan begs him to find her missing brother, Joel agrees. A vicious serial killer is on the hunt, and as those close to Joel are sucked into his nightmare, he suspects that answers may lie in his own hellish past.”Dust & Desire


Timeline – Dust & Desire by Conrad Williams:
  • October 26th: Litro members sent copies Dust & Desire
  • November 18th: Conrad Williams to kick off the #Litrostory, Litro‘s quarterly Collective Twitter Fiction Experiment told a
    a tweet at a time. Keep an eye on @Litromagazine
    for more information
  • November 24th, midnight: End of #Litrostory
  • Online Publication of #Litrostory
  • Early December: Live Twitter hangout with guest author Conrad Williams @LitroMagazine

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Conrad Williams, Dust & Desire
Conrad Williams, Dust & Desire

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