Our Courses

Handling Rejection, Building Resilience

In this one-day workshop, Jenny Knight will teach writers how to navigate the process of handling inevitable setbacks, building resilience, and creating a supportive writing community.

Introduction to Prose Poetry

This four-week workshop will walk students through the history of prose poetry. By reading and writing, students will learn what distinguishes the prose poem from other genres, and generate their own prose poems using a variety of styles.

Sensuality in the Short Story

This four-week online writing workshop will give students the skills to confidently incorporate sex and sensuality into their writing.

CLOSED Award-Winning How To Edit Your Writing Course

A ‘work in progress’ online course for those who have a first draft of a novel or story, are stuck halfway through, or are beginners looking to shape or develop their next piece.

CLOSED Award-Winning One-day course: Writing as practice

A fun, practical online workshop for writers who want to dive into free writing and see where it takes them. 

CLOSED Nourishing your creative writing from home course

Kick-starting, improving and enhancing your creative writing. In this weekend online course, you will explore and develop approaches to achieving creative fluency, adopting a regular writing practice, and learning creative focus.

CLOSED Podcasting Course

This four week online workshop will teach writers everything you need to know about podcasting and give you the tools you need to get started.

Flash Fiction Course

One-hour weekly Flash Fiction online workshops with Litro’s Flash Friday Editor, Catherine McNamara, where you will learn techniques to write flash fiction and tools to confidently put your work out there.

Thought in Stories

In this one-day online workshop, you will learn how thought and consciousness have been woven into well-known works of literature and how to incorporate them into your own writing.