Our Courses

Introduction to Still Life Painting

In this comprehensive four-week course, students will learn about the different sub-genres of still life painting, as well as ways in which they can arrange their space to create the perfect set up. Covering fruit still life, trompe l’oeil, breakfast painting and more, this class will answer all your still life questions. Between each class, students will be given tasks and will receive personal feedback on their work. Whether you’re looking to perfect the art of still life, or are just starting out, this class will cater to all abilities. 

painting class
Introduction to Prose Poetry

This four-week workshop will walk students through the history of prose poetry. By reading and writing, students will learn what distinguishes the prose poem from other genres, and generate their own prose poems using a variety of styles.

Sensuality in the Short Story

This four-week online writing workshop will give students the skills to confidently incorporate sex and sensuality into their writing.

How To Edit Your Writing- FREE SAMPLE

Are you interested in learning new approaches to editing your writing? This four-week online course will help you explore new techniques for analysis and creativity in the editing process. Books, like films, are made in the editing.

Flash Fiction Course

One-hour weekly Flash Fiction online workshops with Litro’s Award winning Flash Friday Editor, Catherine McNamara, where you will learn techniques to write flash fiction and tools to confidently put your work out there.

The Surreal and the Strange through Prompts: A Generative Workshop

This four-week workshop will walk students through the great surreal prose poets of our age. The tutor, Jose Hernandez Diaz, will share his own unique prompts and sample prose poems written to the same prompts, so students can gain insight into the improvisation and editing process. Students will walk away with tips and valuable advice on getting their poems out there.

Beyond Good and Evil: How to Balance Your Professional and Creative Life as a Writer

This four-week Masterclass will walk students through how they can their balance professional and creative lives. Through a combination of instruction and generative exercises, bestselling author Glenn Fisher will give you craft-based prompts to demonstrate the ways in which the skills for writing copy and other forms of marketing-based material can be transferable to writing creatively and with success. We hope that on this course students will no longer feel like there’s no time to write.

Writing The Body

We’re pleased to offer a summer masterclass with award-winning and Women’s Prize for Fiction Futures shortlisted novelist, Jessica Andrews. This two-week intensive workshop will walk students through writing the body. How can we render things we experience physically in language? Students will learn how to develop sensory writing and how to articulate the body through language, form, structure, and themes.

Lit’ Talk: Plotting the Short Story

In this 30-minute LitTalk, you will learn what works in the short story form, and how to make it work for you.

Handling Rejection, Building Resilience

In this one-day workshop, Jenny Knight will teach writers how to navigate the process of handling inevitable setbacks, building resilience, and creating a supportive writing community.

Writing for Resistance Course… with

For those with some experience of writing creatively, this inclusive and supportive online class offers an opportunity to learn more about the history and diverse forms of resistance literature.

Short Story Lab: How to Start a Story… with

The first in Maria Thomas’s series of online workshops for budding and practicing short story writers.

Novel Writing: The Secrets for Success

The day course will examine the fundamental building blocks of a strong, compelling (and ready-to-submit) novel. Areas covered include pace and characterisation – with special focus on building tension and suspense – as well as the editing and submission process. The course is suitable for both beginners and those who have started writing but would love additional tips and direction.