Here at Litro, we pride ourselves on publishing great original fiction. Although they may not have been big names when we published them, many of our writers have gone on to do great things.

Litro Represents is a bespoke agency, with the key goal of finding the most promising writers and giving them a platform to be seen and signed. The focus of the agency is not on the volume of writers it represents but on uncovering the best writers and the most exciting new writing. We are not currently open to submissions from authors seeking representation – instead, we have handpicked the most exciting new talent from the writers published within the pages of Litro magazine.

Thanks to our status as an exclusive, boutique agency – and our connection with Litro magazine – we are able to offer our authors a more personal and all-round approach than many conventional literary agents. In the modern publishing industry success is about more than simply the words on the page. We work together with our authors to create both an online presence and a following for their work. In many cases this involves scheduling live appearances at literary festivals and reading events, as well as assisting with social media. We are also able to offer them regular exposure in Litro magazine and on the website, tapping into Litro’s international readership.

“Well, Litro was the start of a run of good things for me. Since that fateful issue in 2009, I’ve had a novel published and nominated for a few awards, called Coconut Unlimited. I co-wrote an ebook about the urban youth with Kieran Yates called Generation Vexed. I also went on to write a pilot for Channel 4’s Comedy Lab series called Kabadasses.” – Nikesh Shukla

Beyond this, we offer our extensive editorial experience to our authors, working with them to polish their manuscripts before sending them out to prospective publishers. Our specific approach is dictated by each author’s individual needs, respecting their artistic integrity and unique vision while helping their voice to be heard in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Handling all of our own foreign rights, we develop a long-term, bespoke and global plan for our clients. We are dedicated to providing the best care for our authors who, with the help of our editorial services and advice, are able to navigate their way through the publishing process in securing their first book deals.

As publishing becomes more competitive, the marketplace can seem oppressive and intimidating to aspiring authors. Litro Represents is here to make sure that the next generation of successful writers can be heard.


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