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As an ambassador, you would post on social media promoting our content, including our upcoming masterclasses, submission deadlines, and recent published pieces. Right now, our main focus is on promoting the masterclasses. Social media engagement could also include retweeting and commenting etc (not exclusively posting). We would provide you with copy and images for you to post, or you can create your own posts — you have freedom as long as it meets our guidelines for appropriate internet behavior and reflects the intentions of our magazine. When you post on social media, be sure to tag our Litro social accounts as shown below:

Twitter: @LitroMagazine
Instagram: @litromedia


The Litro community is a special group of writers, readers, editors, and people passionate about all things literature, and this is an exciting chance to be a part of that community. As an ambassador for Litro, you would receive some exciting perks, including:

  • Annual digital subscription of our magazine
  • Hard copy of the inaugural US edition of Litro
  • Signed postcard of thanks from one of the editors
  • 50% off discount on a masterclass of your choice (where there’s room available)
  • Feature online as an ambassador member
  • Sneak peek of upcoming issues in advance of publication date
  • 30-minute zoom call with one of the editors

We hope to have you join us as an ambassador! Feel free to reach out with any questions — looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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