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For this World Series edition, we turn our pages to Russia: exploring a fascinating country that’s far more than the sum of its clichés: oppression and poverty are recurring themes, but so too are hope and survival. Such a vast country with such a chequered past is bound to provoke radically diverse responses in authors.

  • Russia Insight

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    Writers in this issue include:

    • Richard House– “Max 405”
    • Peter Hajinian – “Forty Rubles”
    • William Falo – “Russian Strays”
    • Polina Klyukina – “Free”
    • and many, many, more

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  • Adam Butler

    Adam Butler

    Adam Butler lives in Berlin. As a musician he has released five albums of experimental crunk showtunes under the pseudonym Vert, and has performed throughout Europe, the US and Asia – including, yes, Murmansk. This, his first published story, is an extract from a novel in progress, provisionally entitled *.

  • William Falo

    William Falo

    William Falo’s stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Delinquent, Delivered, Mississippi Crow, Bottom of the World, Cantaraville, 34th Parallel, Skyline Review, First Edition, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Oak Bend Review, The Linnet’s Wings, The View From Here, Open Wide Magazine, and many others. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

  • Peter Hajinian

    Peter Hajinian

    Peter Hajinian lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, their bulldog and chickens. He spends his days writing advertising copy, and his nights either recording radio dramas or visiting friends in the neighbourhood. A lifelong writer, this is his second publication.

  • Louise Phillips

    Louise Phillips

    Louise Phillips lives in Toronto, Canada. Her work has appeared in Dream Catcher, 3AM Magazine, The Copperfield Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Delinquent, and The Dirty Napkin.

  • Richard House

    Richard House

    Richard House’s novels, Bruiser and Uninvited, are published by Serpent’s Tail. His collaborative projects with Chicago-based group Haha are documented online at hahahaha.org. His fiction and co-authored short films have received support from the Arts Council and the UK Film Council. He lectures
in creative writing at the University of Birmingham.

  • Polina Klyukina

    Polina Klyukina

    Polina Klyukina was 
born in 1986 in the city
of Perm in the Urals.
She is currently studying
at the Moscow Literary Institute and the Publishing University’s Department of Journalism. Her stories have appeared in leading literary magazines. She was a finalist in the Debut Prize in 2008.

  • Olga Slavnikova

    Olga Slavnikova

    Olga Slavnikova, a past winner of the Russian Booker Prize, is the director
of the Debut Prize for young writers, and an internationally-renowned author of five award- winning novels, which have been translated into French and Italian. She rose to fame as a writer in her hometown of Ekaterinburg in the Urals before moving to Moscow.