• Eric Akoto

    Eric Akoto

    Eric Akoto is the founder and chief editor of Litro Magazine, a fully-fledged literary and creative arts platform supporting emerging and established writers across the globe. A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts by invitation, Eric also established the Warwick University Young Writers competition and has written for divers publications and contributed to various books on culture. A keen runner and hiker Eric’s passions lie in innovation, fairness and free speech. He also guest curates and comperes at The Brooklyn Book Festival, The Jaipur Literary and Arts festival, and The Hay Festival. Prior to Litro, Akoto also founded the publishing house Ocean Media Books. Eric, 40, currently resides in New York and London. He highly recommends a morning meditation to start your day. eric.akoto@litro.co.uk

  • Michael Aliprandini

    Michael Aliprandini

    Michael Aliprandini is the fiction editor for the UK edition of Litro’s #StorySunday. He is a curriculum developer resident in Italy. His work has appeared in several publications including Queen Mob's Tea House, Fresh Ink, Crooked Arrow Press, Fleas on the Dog, and Columbia Journal. He looks forward to reading your stories. michael.aliprandini@litro.co.uk

  • Catherine McNamara

    Catherine McNamara

    Catherine McNamara is our flash fiction masterclass tutor and editor. Catherine grew up in Sydney, ran away to Paris at twenty-one to write, and ended up in West Africa running a bar. Her recent collection of short stories, Love Stories for Hectic People, was nominated for best story collection for the Saboteur Awards 2021. catherine.mcnamara@litro.co.uk

  • Sophie Lewis

    Sophie Lewis

    Sophie Lewis is an editor and translator. In 2016 she co-founded Shadow Heroes, a workshops series for students on critical thinking through translation. Her co-translation of Emmanuelle Pagano’s Faces on the Tip of My Tongue was long-listed for the 2020 International Booker Prize. She has collaborated and published works with Noemi Lefebvre.

  • Carlene Fraser-Harris

    Carlene Fraser-Harris

    Carlene Fraser-Harris is the non-fiction editor and leads the #EssaySaturday sections for the UK and USA. She is featured in The Salt Lake Tribune, Ham&High, Balance Garden, Epoch Press and others. Carlene holds an MA in Creative Writing & Publishing from City University London. She’s passionate about the presence and promotion of coloured voices and stories in the publishing arena. Carlene@litro.co.uk

  • Katie McClimon

    Katie McClimon

    Katie McClimon manages Litro’s masterclass series. She is a recent graduate of Wesleyan University, where she studied English, Creative Writing and Psychology. For her senior thesis, she wrote a collection of poems exploring identity, memory and relationships. She grew up in New York where she currently lives, and works in a winery. Katie@litrousa.com

  • Jonathan Gibbs

    Jonathan Gibbs

    Jonathan Gibbs is a fiction editor at Litro. He is the author of two novels: Randall, or the Painted Grape, and The Large Door, and a book-length poem, Spring Journal. He lectures in Creative Writing at City, University of London, and also curates the online short story project A Personal Anthology. jonathan@litro.co.uk

  • Pamela Hensley

    Pamela Hensley

    Pamela Hensley is the fiction editor for #StorySundayUSA. Her work has appeared in journals and anthologies including The Dalhousie Review, EVENT Magazine, Montreal Writes, The Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology, The Antigonish Review and The Quarantine Review. She loves to read original writing and is a huge fan of emerging authors. pamela@litrousa.com

  • Christy Hallberg

    Christy Hallberg

    Christy Hallberg is Litro USA's #FlashFriday editor. She teaches literature and writing at East Carolina University and serves as Senior Associate Editor of North Carolina Literary Review. Her work has appeared in such journals as Fiction Southeast and Eclectica. Her debut novel, Searching For Jimmy Page, is forthcoming in 2021 from Livingston Press. christy@litrousa.com

  • Cindy Withjack

    Cindy Withjack

    Cindy Withjack is a fiction reader here at Litro. She is a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at Lancaster University, where she studies experimental narrative, trauma, and identity. Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, Litro, Women are Boring, Banshee, and Slice where she is also a fiction reader. interviews@litro.co.uk

  • Serene Allen

    Serene Allen

    Serene Allen is our media designer. She is based in London and has a wealth of knowledge in creating bold, dynamic and memorable short form content. Her skills include video editing, VFX, colour grading and sound mixing. She has a passion for storytelling & delivering diversity in content. media@litro.co.uk