Litro #122: Sex


Featuring stories by Simon Tonkin, John Biggs, Eli Goldstone, Lauren Seidman, Simon Kearns and Stuart Snelson.


Cover art is Au Centre de la Terre II (2013) by Nadege Meriau:
“My current practice explores the possibilities of creating images that combine the visceral and the sublime. Drawing on the idea of perception as participatory and the body as part of the flesh of the world, my work addresses the senses. Images of incandescent and dripping dwellings not only evoke primeval hungers but also envelop and absorb.”

February 2013 

Short Fiction

Werewolf Night by John Biggs

The Magnet and the Needle by Simon Kearns

The Recovery Position by Stuart Snelson

OK Cupid by Eli Goldstone

Extract from The Writing Shed by Simon Tonkin


Purple Bra by Lauren Seidman