Litro #163: Alternative Facts


Lies, damn lies, and alternative facts. We live in a post-truth era … or is that not the whole truth? Fake news misleads while genuine news gets dismissed as fake by the liars, charlatans and worse who’ll corrupt our democracies. But fiction is all lies, too, isn’t it? – or is the best of it committed to the truth? Fiction and creative nonfiction that speaks only the truth, and explodes lies, for this issue, our selection of writers this month please – their political bents via implicit and explicit tales.

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“Writing in the Realm of Alternative Facts” – Calder G. Lorenz (ESSAY)
“Hard Sell” – Brent van Staalduinen (FICTION)
“Trump in B&W” – Amy Gilvary (ART)
‘The Inaugural Address” – Adjie Henderson (NONFICTION)
“The Last Brown Rat of Nagasaki” – Victoria Briggs (FICTION)
“The Operation” – Q. Lei (FICTION)
“The Storyteller” – Suchana Seth (FICTION)
“Tigre” – M. René Bradshaw
“Con Artists” – Claire Polders (ESSAY)
“Again and again” – Sarah Kaizar (ART)