Litro #164: Senses


For this issue, we sought sensual stories for a heady summer issue – gorgeous vistas (or eyesores), sweet scents (or foul stenches), delicious flavours (or ones that make you retch), melodious (or discordant) sounds, a loving touch or one less tender … but much good writing thrives on its sensory and telling details, and this was a very open theme, really, that attracted a lot of entries and allowed other themes to emerge.

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begin again-Anna Martin (Cover Artist)
‘Taiki-chū no chinmoku (The Silence of Waiting)’ – Alison McBain (FICTION)
“They’re Just … Here” – Douglas J. Ogurek (FICTION)
cure me, xenobiotic, se.cure, mindful.heart – Anna Martin (ART SERIES)
‘Night on the Hill’ – Sherry Mendelson [ESSAY]
‘Oasis’ – Amy Crosby [FLASH]
‘Desensitized’ – Trevin Wyant (ART)
‘The New Victorians’ – Charlie Keyheart (FICTION)
‘Animal’ – Brianna Bjarnson (ESSAY)
Ice on the Lake – Lilian Faschinger, Translated by Geoffrey Howes (FICTION)
Two Objects in a Storm – Ashley Parker Owens (ART)