5 Experiential Advertising Campaigns you can learn from


Is experiential marketing an art form? Here are five to help you decide.

With more and more different media platforms available for brands to reach its consumers, marketing practices have evolved in the past few decades; with a shift away from focus on product and brand management to building customer relationships and finally to creating compelling customer experience through experiential marketing strategies.

The competition between brands to get consumers attention has forced the brands to oudto one-another by thinking outside the box many have turned to marketing their brands through experiential marketing.

If the premise is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing the consumer in a fun and memorable experience then these five experiential marketing campaigns do just that.

Occasionally the line blurs between experiential marketing and a straightforward PR stunt, but we’re not here to argue over definitions. We’re a creative literally magazine with a love for all things creative, and when done right experiential marketing is a great art form especially the ones that engage.

#1 This post was inspired by a new Vans project that opened in Central London in August 2014 as a celebration of art, skateboarding, BMX and street culture.
This video gave a taste of what lies in store at the ‘House of Vans’:

#2 Adidas And Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose
Pop-ups are a common occurrence but the Adidas and Derrick Rose Pop-up in 2014 in hackney took it to the next level.
Chicago Bulls Point guard Derrick Rose challenged fans to win a pair of trainers by grabbing pairs of shelfs which just happened to be 10 feet high.


#3 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival
In 2014 the Australian festival created an awesome storytelling app called ‘Twists and Turns’ people visiting the festival downloaded the app to their iPhones and, the story used real-time locations – starting at Melbourne Town Hall, users interacted with the app as they chose which streets and alleyways to walk down. This great campaign brought traditional storytelling together with modern geo-location technology to create a really unique storytelling and literary experience for the consumer.


#4 Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club a monthly subscription service launched in 2012, with this great introduction campaign starring its CEO Michael Dubin.

#5 The Dumb Ways to Die Campaign, another Australian Campaign made by the state of Victoria – to prevent train-related deaths.

For many start-ups that want it to engage with its consumers in an engaging way but don’t have the funds just yet, it won’t do you any harm doing some research into some of the great experimental marketing companies in the capital to turn that “big idea” into a memorable experience, the likes of RPM is a good place to start.

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