Author: cassandra passarelli

Cassandra is currently travelling overland from Guatemala to Mexico City. She’s wandered between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, run a bakery, managed a charity, sub-edited, set up a children’s library foundation and taught yoga. She has a creative writing PhD from Exeter University (on short fiction) and held a lectureship teaching creative writing. She’s published stories in Cold Mountain Review, Ambit, Chicago Quarterly Review, The Cost of Paper, Exclamat!on, Question and Riptide and contributed five stories to the anthology Five by Five. Her latest story, ‘How to Preserve a Butterfly’, appeared in the fall issue of The Interpreter’s House. ‘Ready or Not’ will appear in the forthcoming issue of The Lakeshore Review. Her stories, born of moments where art and spirituality converge, synthesise the recurring themes of impermanence, suffering and no-self (Buddhism's so-called Three Marks of Existence) that underpin her own reiterative obsession with change, dissatisfaction and identity. She understands stories as invitations to cross from one subjective experience to those of others.