Author: Dr Gindi

Always elusive and tantalizingly beyond grasp, the quest for infinity has captured humanity’s imagination for millennia. Aspiring to model the infinity of our existence, the works of sculptor Dr Gindi depict the current and perennial challenges of the human condition. Her classical training as a sculptor enables Dr Gindi to approach humanness more profoundly. Her sculptures are made from different materials. The most recent ones are generated from clay and later transformed into bronze. Embracing her transdisciplinary career path and multicultural upbringing, she has keenly observed humanity’s attempts to subjugate nature to cheat human decay. The characters in Dr Gindi’s works, who yearn for such an irrepressible urge for infinity, depict humanity’s dissociation from self and nature and attempt to redress this rupture by acknowledging their fleeting impermanence. “Submitting to fate and having a sense of resignation can often be the norm, but if we can transcend these attitudes, we shall be able to model the infinity of our existence”, she says.