Author: Mehreen Ahmed

Multiple contests winner for short fiction, Mehreen Ahmed is an award-winning Australian novelist born in Bangladesh.Her historical fiction, The Pacifist is an audible bestseller.Included in The Best Asian Speculative Fiction Anthology,her works have also been acclaimed by Midwest Book Review,and DD Magazine,Translated into German, Greek, and Bangla,her works have been reprinted,anthologized,selected as Editor's Pick, Best ofs,and made the top 10 reads multiple times.Additionally,her works have been nominated for Pushcart,botN and James Tait.She has authored eight books and has been twice a reader and juror for international awards. Publications/Forthcoming Cambridge University Press,University of Hawaii Press,Michigan State University Press,Perception Magazine:Syracuse University,Straylight Magazine:Wisconsin-Parkland University,The Talon Review:North Florida Univeristy,ISTE,Call-ej,University of Kent Press,The Sheaf:University of Saskatoon,Jimson Weed UVA,Writer's Digest:Six Sentences,IceFloe Press,Litro Magazine,Bull,Otoliths,BeZine,Atherton Review,Ethel Zine,Olney Magazine,Alternate Route,The Gorko Gazette,Minison Project-Shakespear's sonnet reimagined,WordCityLit,Mōtus Audāx Press,KNOT Magazine,The Antonym,Insignia 2022 Best Asian Speculative Fiction Anthology,The Hennepin Review,Literary Heist,Mad Swirl,Alien Buddha Press,Rogue Agent Journal:Sundress Publications,October Hill Magazine,Synchronised Chaos,Oddball Magazine,Pine Cone Review,Noctivagant Press,Coin-Operated Press,Connotation Press,Door is A Jar,ELJ Scissors and Spackle,The Chamber Magazine,Flash Boulevard,Five Minutes,Quail Bell,Ponder Savant,Litterateur RW,ShabdAaweg Review,Phenomenal Literature,Crêpe & Penn,Flash Frontier,Ellipsis Zine,Ginosko#24#29,Brown Bag,The Cabinet of Heed,Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal,Melbourne Culture Corner,Cogito Literary Journal,Literati Magazine,Active Muse,Dreaming in Fiction,Anti-Heroin Chic,Love in the time of Covid Chronicle,Unpublished Platform,Wellington Street Review,Nailpolish Stories,Setu,Impspired Magazine,The Writers and Readers'Magazine,Empyrean Literary Magazine,WINK,Mono,KREAXXXION Review,Thorn Literary Magazine,3 Moon Magazine,Merak Magazine,Sage Cigarettes,All Existing,The Bombay Review,FlashBack Fiction,Down in the Dirt,CC&D,Nymphs,Portand Metrozine,Academy of Heart and Mind,Mojave Heart,The Piker Press,Kitaab,Nthanda,CommuterLit,Angel City Review,Paper Djinn,FreeFlashFiction,Cafe Dissensus,Adelaide Literary Magazine,Scarlet Leaf Review,Terror House Magazine,The Punch Magazine,Furtive Dalliance,Flash Fiction North,Bridge House,Cosmic Teapot,The Hooghly Review,The Chakker and more. Awards/Accolades Drunken Druid's Editor's Choice,2017/The Pacifist Nom James Tait Black Prize for fiction,2021/Gatherings First Place Academy of the Heart and Mind,May Flowers contest 2022/The Phases of the Moon One of the winners,Waterloo Festival,May 2020/Dolly Stream-of-Consciousness Challenge,Cabinet-of-Heed,Drawer Four,April 2020/Black Mirror Finalist,Fourth Adelaide Literary Award contest,February 2020/Flower Girl Honourable Mention in the Weavers of Words contest,Unpublished Platform,March 2022/Silent Bleat Winner Shout Reader Ready Silver, Bronze Awards for fiction 2019/The Pacifist, Moirae,The Blotted Line Nom,Publication of the Month,Spillwords Press April/May 2018/Waheed Murad 3xNom, botN 2020/ Interlude,Lungs,Ylem Nom,Pushcart,2020/Ylem/republished in Ginosko#24 Writer's Choice Best of CafeLit 8 2019/Bats Downunder Best of Mad Swirl twice 2023/Space,Vape Best of Alien Buddha 2023/ Deep well Editor's Pick Kitaab 2023/The Giver Editor's Pick Litro 2023/Sensible Shoes Audiobooks The Pacifist2017 Peeking Cat Literary/Chasing a Dream2021 SweetyCat Press/Rain and Coffee2020 FlashBackFiction/East Bengal 1971,2020 Shortstoryreader/Juliet's Song2021 Flash Fiction Frontier/Blue,Grey,Lavender2020 The Archer/Jingwei2022