Author: Mychal Cohen

Mychal Cohen is a songwriter, producer, and composer from Seattle, Washington. Mychal has been writing music for film and TV for the last six years, and has written for, Levi's, Target, MTV, Wal¬Mart, Tollhouse, Paramount Pictures Screenlife Games, Toyota, and many more. He has scored one full length film, and countless short films for clients all over the country. The feature length film he recently did called Forev, has received accolades from multiple film festivals around the country and continues to do so while leading up to its National release. His band Campfire Ok is working on their third full length album and has received accolades from NPR, Rolling Stone, Kexp, etc. Mychal loves science, coffee, exercise and good bourbon. When asked what his goals are, he simply replies “Be great, do more, and have fun.”