Author: Paul Farran

Paul Farran is a passionate traveller and artist. From Montreal - Canada, with his background rooted in the Middle East, he has trekked across dozens of countries, driven by his quest for connectedness and adventure. Highpoints are his 650-kilometer hike across Northern Spain (2008) and half-year backpacking journey across Southeast Asia (2016-17) with his family. His engagement in international affairs has taken him further across five continents. Since 2005, he has lived in ten countries, including Rwanda, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe, working on issues of climate change, sustainable development, and diplomatic relations with the United Nations and other internationally focused organizations. He holds a master’s in international studies from the University of Montreal and is currently based in Melbourne, working at Monash University with ClimateWorks Australia. As an artist, Paul has emerged as a singer-songwriter, establishing his music under The Camino Side Project. He is inspired by his journeys’ enduring impressions and those people, places, and moments he connected with. His first release as a solo artist, of movement & music (LP 2018), was recorded on four continents and eleven countries, with the collaboration of twenty-five fellow musicians. In Stems from Darkness, Paul’s first book (currently being drafted), he explores his collision course in Afghanistan, where he escaped death during a Taliban sponsored attack. He digs deep to release truths about the Incidents, but more so about himself. He embarks on a journey of love and forgiveness, seeking to nuance the hate and the noise. As for a film, the book is accompanied by a soundtrack bearing the same title. It explores, through music, the lingering imagery and emotions of the Incidents. Paul is blessed to share his life with his wife Susanne, and their two boys Elliot and James.