Author: s.lee bennett

S. Lee Bennett is a writer, director, producer based in NYC. S.Lee was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but relocated to Seattle with her family in high school. After not encountering a single vampire during her time in Washington State, S.Lee moved to NYC and eventually graduated with a BFA from Tisch, School of the Arts at NYU with a minor in producing. S.Lee has dabbled in all aspects of film, including a passion of writing as well as directing. She is specifically interested in exploring the chaos of family and interpersonal relationships through the lens of a young, queer, Jewish woman. Much of her family has informed her writing and inspired her stories that tackle queerness, family dynamics, and mental illness. Most recently S.Lee completed a YA novel called Welly and the Majestics which she hopes to publish in the future. She’s written on projects such as the web series "Strings Attached" that won Best Web Series at Top Shorts Film Festival and Best Comedy Short at the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA). In 2021 she wrote and directed the short "Transformations," which was recently picked as Best Experimental film at the Top Shorts Film Festival. In her spare time S.Lee is a wizard at video games, Mac and Cheese from the box and karaoke.