Live Canon Presents Love Poetry: 13th February

ChippingValImageThe Live Canon ensemble are staging a celebration of English love poetry on the 13th of February at The Theatre in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. The show features performances of a diverse range of classic poems from the likes of John Keats and Emily Dickinson to a selection more eclectic and contemporary verse.

Those who have been to a Live Canon event before will know that the show they put on is not quite like a traditional poetry reading. The poems are performed from memory by professional actors for one thing, and for another these recitations are interspersed by number of specially commissioned a cappella musical performances.

One of Live Canon’s stated aims to make the art of poetry more accessible; to show just how powerful or beautiful or funny a piece of verse can be – to create an ‘unpretentious way to celebrate the richness of poetry’ as they themselves put it. The ensemble has performed in venues all over the UK, and return to Chipping Norton following their well-received ‘War Poetry’ show there last winter.

Live Canon presents Love Poetry will be staged at The Theatre, Chipping Norton on the 13th February at 7.45pm. Tickets are £12 or £10 for concessions.

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