Radical Publishing: What Are We Struggling For? – The ICA, London, 19th March

Head to the ICA on the 19th March to discuss the state and importance of radical publishing.

On Saturday 19 March, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London will play host to an afternoon devoted to a discussion of the state of radical publishing. The event is a collaboration between the ICA and the international political writers’ group Through Europe. Invited panellists include renowned activists, academics, political philosophers and writers.

With popular protests springing up all over the world, this would certainly seem to be a good moment to take a fresh look at the relevance of the pamphlet, the thesis, and the ‘zine in the age of Twitter calls-to-action and always-on social networking; and indeed the discussion looks to cover a lot of ground. Four panels are planned, with the perhaps suitably-vague titles of Tactics of Struggle, New Psychic Landscapes, New Public and New Economics.

Radical publishing has always aimed to articulate the grievances of the protesters out in the streets, but just how well is this being accomplished? Do the old-school of radical thinkers and publishers still matter today?

Radical Publishing: What Are We Struggling For? will take place from 12–5pm on 19 March 2011 at the ICA in London. Full-price tickets for the afternoon are £12, with cheaper rates available for concessions, members and students.

Find out more at the Institute of Contemporary Arts site, at www.ica.org.uk.

Euan Monaghan.

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