a set somewhere hidden in Hollywood

Photo by Dave Winer

a set somewhere hidden in Hollywood

kept out of sight not because the filming was a flop no because it worked out only too well and has somehow in a way become its own separate place albeit kept that way behind a stone wall excluded for our own sake but also more for their sake.

a movie was to be made in fact a mélange of every Dickens’ novel ever written occupying the same time and place and a set was constructed remarkable in that it was a microcosm of the human character and its splendid and spoiled heart except the characters immediately began to roam from their natural safe harbor of a storyline to another storyline and by so doing changed both stories or rewrote new ones and they the better for it.

We do not belong and that is why filming ceased immediately ceased as these actors became the very real subjects developed their own unique speech patterns on this created setting of Victorian London and its very real environs. The soot and the sores abject poverty hope optimism savage and saving grace and what could be and becomes is real as a means to survive and they are living it. 

This piece is dedicated to Dian Leeper.

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