Visualizing Change: Publicis Norway’s Creative Approach to Climate Awareness

In an innovative approach to highlight the issue of climate change, designers at Publicis Norway have redesigned the United Nations logo. This new design reflects the potential geographical changes that might occur by the year 2100 due to rising sea levels, as per scientific predictions.

The original UN logo, a world map, has been a part of the organization’s identity since 1946. The redesign by Publicis Norway modifies this map, showing altered coastlines and, in some cases, the complete disappearance of countries like the Maldives, predicted to be significantly impacted by rising sea levels. This representation draws on the UN’s predictions that a temperature increase of 2.9 degrees could severely affect global land populations.

The project, launched during the COP28 conference in Dubai, serves not just as a piece of graphic design but as a visual communication tool to spread awareness about the realities of climate change. It specifically points out the vulnerability of areas like the Maldives, the Bay of Bengal, The Bahamas, Alexandria, the Nile Delta in Egypt, and the Netherlands.

Senior creative Ole Andreas Finseth from Publicis Norway emphasizes the immediacy of the climate threat. The design project is part of a broader initiative to encourage more decisive actions against climate change, especially in the context of international discussions like COP28. Thale Riiser, another member of the Publicis Norway team, notes the emotional impact of realizing that these changes could displace millions of people.

The project is not limited to the realm of design; it includes a platform for public engagement and activism. The team has organized a petition to galvanize support for stronger climate action policies, underlining the role of design in societal and environmental advocacy.

This initiative by Publicis Norway illustrates the power of design in addressing and communicating critical global issues like climate change. It serves as a reminder of the potential future we face and the urgent need for action.

For more information and to support the cause, you can visit the project’s website: Publicis Norway: The Climate Changed.

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