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The rich arsehole is going to the moon and he is very happy to tell you that he alone will be travelling to the moon after all it is his rocket he will be travelling to the moon in and it was designed not by him but by others just for him to travel to the moon in but he did tell those others what he desired and he wants to tell you this that he helped and organized and encouraged but mostly he paid and paid and paid and so he will be travelling alone to the moon in a rocket he helped construct and he is happy to be travelling alone to the moon let’s face it who wants to be sat next to somebody on a long journey talking and sharing the experience nobody let’s be honest and that is why he will be alone in his rocket that will be traveling to the moon and on the moon waiting for him is his new home from home a simulacrum you could say of the home he has on his island his own island you know the one the one that you’ve drooled over numerous times with the slouching rock stars and movie stars and model stars that one that bores him now but on the moon it will suit his needs with its ten bedrooms and eleven restrooms and the wine cellar and the amazing kitchen and up there waiting for him there is a car that flies and other great gadgets that he wanted and helped to design and paid and paid and paid he just wants you to know  and not to won’t worry about him on his long journey to the moon in his rocket where he alone will experience the joys and exhilaration and he will take photographs and make videos while experiencing the journey just for and on his return of course he plans on returning he will publish a book that will be made into a movie and after the movie is old and stale he plans on taking you to the moon but only when he has turned the air up there fresh and clean and safe he just wants you to know.

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