Litro Magazine puts its energies behind authors, books, editors, and artists who help keep the reading and writing life vital, and we know how important indie booksellers and bookshops are to this mission. Please support independent booskellers!

For this “Interview with an Indy Bookseller,” we talk to Marie Moser of The Edinburgh Bookshop, Edinburgh.

What makes your bookshop unique? We excel at anticipating what our customers will a result, for a small shop, we sell an awful lot of books.

Which newly released books would you like to recommend to Litro readers, and why? The Intoxicating Mr Lavelle by Neil Blackmore. Pacy, racy, and deliciously dark!

Is there a book from the last decade or so would you like to see recommended more widely? Insomniac City by Bill Hayes. Beautiful, moving, and inspiring.

Is there a theme or genre of books that you love and/or promote in your shop? Why? We are known in the city for our love and knowledge of children’s books.

What’s the best part about being a bookseller? Working with interesting and interested people…and lots of tea and snacks!

How does your bookshop function as a community hub? Everybody is welcome, all book tastes are valid and, yes, they can use our toilet! (Great customer service is everything.)

What’s your favourite quotation about reading, writing, or bookshops? Don’t panic!

Tell us about any interesting interactions you’ve had with readers or writers in your bookshop. Last year, one of my customers casually informed me that her dad used to date Sylvia Plath!

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