Poetry Q&A with George the Poet

Ahead of his appearance at the Latitude Festival, Litro talks to one of the hottest names on London’s spoken word scene.
George the Poet
George the Poet

Litro: What’s your dream festival lineup, if you could select artists from any era?

George the Poet: I just really wanna see Michael Jackson.

Litro: How important are lyrics in your musical process?

George the Poet: Lyrics are everything to me, I build songs around them.

Litro: Do you have a favourite lyric from someone else’s song?

George the Poet: That’s hard. Probably Sam Cooke “Change is gonna come”.

Litro: Do you read much, either at home or on tour?

George the Poet: Yeah reading really stimulates my writing

Litro: How much does your reading influence your music?

George the Poet: Words are gateways into other worlds, so reading helps me bring different things out of my music.

Litro: If you weren’t a musician, what would you like to be doing?

George the Poet: I’d be making more money and working with kids.

Litro: Will you be checking out the other stages at Latitude?

George the Poet: I’ll be checking everything!

Litro: Who/what do you want to see?

George the Poet: I haven’t seen Ady Suleiman in a while and he’s sick, can’t wait to check the progress. I’m excited for loads of people though.

Litro: Whose work – director, author, artist – would you like to write a musical score for?

George the Poet: Charlie Brooker. If you see him please tell him George would like a word.

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