Our summer 2014 Litro Book Club read.

Get access to exciting new titles, meet other book club members, interact with authors and see your reviews featured on our site, all for just £20 a year.

What is the Litro Book club
The Litro book club is about communication and conversation. Our Members will have the chance to share their responses and thoughts on each featured book, not only with themselves, but with the rest of the world. By using our online platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and contributing specially featured posts for the Litro Website, we’ll start interactive discussions and conversations and spark new ideas that will get people thinking.
At Litro we look to find new ways of looking at the world through stories, and through the Litro Book Club, our members can do the same.

Get books before official release
Four times a year you will receive an advance copy of the featured book in the post. You can read along together with other book club members, sharing your thoughts and discussing the book online as we go. We’re setting trends, and we want you to be a part of it.

See your reviews published
Our members are central to what the Book Club is about. We want to hear what you think of our featured novel — your reviews, your responses, your understanding of its background — and we want to share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

Meet authors
Chat with authors online, and face-to-face at live Q&A sessions at a London venue. And one lucky member will get the chance to film an interview with the author for LitroTV.

Exclusive offers
We’ll also be bringing you competition, giveaways and exclusive offers in conjunction with the book — thanks to our partnership with various publishers and organisations.

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