Do You Take This Woman?

Picture credit: Kim Phu

“Will you marry me?” The woman asked. Her hands were slippery. She rubbed them up and down the coarse fabric of her shirt.

“What?” Beth groaned. She sat on a stool across from the woman. Tears smeared her makeup. Snot leaked from her nose. She wiped the mess off her face. She tried and failed to smile.

Z.G. Watkins

The course of true love never did run smooth… With Valentine’s Day around the corner, our latest Podcast is, appropriately, a love story. Or is it? “Do You Take This Woman?” is a dramatic and masterfully produced tale of forbidden love by Z.G. Watkins.

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About the author: ZG Watkins is an author of stories about humans, living and dead. Also an award-winning commercial television and print writer in the US and Europe. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, where he recently finished his first novel and is currently drafting his second. | Web | Instagram

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