Hugo’s Octopus

Picture credit: Isabel Galvez

My thoughts turn to my first love, the young man who introduced me to this eclectic show. He had driven me to a park during a midsummer night. A soothing breeze contrasted what had been a humid day. We parked beside a field aglow with fireflies. I tried to imagine how I could capture their blinking beauty in a painting as he retrieved a blanket, a thermos of coffee, a pack of Dunhills, and a pocket radio from the back seat. We lay on the grass for over an hour, listening to a bygone era.

Helen Heikkilä

As we end one year and begin a new one, do you find yourself thinking back on past times, past selves and past loves? How about The Beatles and Victor Hugo’s works, too?! Helen Heikkilä explores what we lose to the past and our efforts not to face that loss, in this dreamy and inventive flash fiction.

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Helen Heikkilä is a fanciful realist living in Ontario, Canada who holds a Master’s in Media Studies from Western University. She works as a Community Developer for the video game, Warframe, where she contributes to the writing team and hosts live streams. Helen delights in working with creative people.

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