Litro Goes There with: Clarke Peters

October Gallery
Picture Credits: Lumiere2

In Litro Goes There, walk alongside artists and writers as they take us on an incredible journey to show us the cities close to their hearts. In this episode forget yourself and get reacquainted with the charm and allure of what forms the core of Clarke Peter’s London.

“Coming to England as a young 21 year old, it was a dream come true.”

Starting from his love of theatres, his directing debut – a tribute to Martin Luther King, to people “tearing up Regent Street” during the poll tax riots and everything in between, Clarke Peters invites us to see London as a place of inspiration, culture and possibilities, giving us a few laughs along the way.

The creator of the hit musical Five Guys Named Moe, Clarke Peters, conjures up a vibrant and colourful picture for us to dive in, giving us glimpses of not just the famous stops in London such as the Piccadilly Theatre but also galleries and pubs tucked away on seemingly quiet street corners like the October Gallery.

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