Picture credits: Joshua Gilgart-Roy

Platform shoes, long hair and flares, / Tank tops, maxi skirts and bright shirts, / Slade, Sweet and T-Rex topped the charts, / As well as the Carpenters, Mud and Gary Glitter. / People didn’t seem to have a care, / But then there was the three day week, / Britain joined the EEC, / Some felt this shouldn’t be / The path that the country followed;

Sarah Lipton-Sidibeh

‘Who controls the past, controls the future’ was Georges Orwell’s great insight. This piece takes us back to a hopeful past that managed to break some damaging cycles. Yet, it doesn’t let us forget that there is still much work to do…

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This piece by Sarah Lipton-Sidibeh is from her book The First Collection published by Jacaranda. You can find it Waterstones, Foyles, Walmart, The Book Depository and Amazon.

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