A Harsh Spring Light

Allan had only just sat down at his desk, but already he could feel the prickly heat radiating off his chest. Appreciatively, gratefully, he looked left out the classroom windows – always kept so clean, so clear – at the growing, darkening foliage of the trees. Swaying shadows of the wind-brushed leaves offered to him […]

LaMarr Thomas is a rather older emerging writer. His story “A Harsh Spring Light” is part of a collection he’s working on (ever so ploddingly!) entitled The Shadow of Slavery. These stories will, and do, in one way or another – directly or indirectly – deal with the pervasive and continuing effects of race on various aspects – social, economic, political, cultural, and personal – of American society. He believes that fiction, that art, can help to change our world for better, and his hope is that his work can be a part of that change.